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Wednesday, 21 June 2000
Page: 15369

Senator BOLKUS (5:00 PM) —The Clerk thinks we should be deleting a word, but I ask the minister, before he says yes, to explain to us why he thinks he should delete that word, if in fact that is what he does think we should do.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —As I understand it, Senator Bolkus, the earlier amendment to clause 7 for the Australian Democrats removed the term `management', and if it is reinserted here again it might potentially confuse things. It was for that reason the request was made to Senator Hill.

Senator BOLKUS —It does refer in paragraph 7(e) to conservation and management of trust land. Maybe the advisers could have a look at this while we go through the rest of the bill, and we can come back to it later on.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —The term `management plan' I think is the problem. I understand that the advisers agreed that the removal of the word would be useful.