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Wednesday, 21 June 2000
Page: 15365

Senator BOLKUS (4:35 PM) —I do not know why it is that he should be disappointed or astonished. I think we would all be in a better position to address the legislation if the minister were able to propose the amendments in the proper order, for a start.

There are other problems with this amendment, Minister. I think 38(1)(a) allows the trust to determine the way in which the area may be used before the relevant management plan takes effect. We are concerned here that there do not seem to be, on the face of it, any limitations on the types of use that are provided for here.

So, as I say, coming to these amendments as they were dropped on us at a late stage, without the capacity of the public to be consulted in respect of them, means that we have to try to pick up their implications on the run in parliamentary debate. That is never a good way of formulating legislation. But, in doing so, we can identify some problems. Even though in respect to the leases the point I raised earlier may very well be covered, we are concerned that 38(1)(a) does, on the face of it, allow for an extension of allowable use and, as a consequence of that, we will be opposing it.