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Wednesday, 21 June 2000
Page: 15364

Senator HILL (Minister for the Environment and Heritage) (4:29 PM) —The easiest way is probably for Senator Bolkus to go to the bottom of page 3 of our amendments. There he will see 38A, which is `Transitional activities before the management plan takes effect'. It goes on for most of page 4. These are minor works. If he looks, he will see that it is things like allowing short-term leases or licences to carry out maintenance and repair works, to carry out work in an area to protect the health and safety of persons present—matters of that nature. What we are seeking to do is bring in a new function which serves to do the things referred to in section 38A before management plans take effect for an area of trust land. Then, if we go to 38A, as I have said, it sets out the limited functions. We are deliberately limiting the functions of the trust for that purpose, because we believe that the big decisions should not be made until the management plans are completed. In that way we can be confident that ultimately the more major works will be done on the basis of best professional design.