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Wednesday, 21 June 2000
Page: 15348

Senator CALVERT (3:33 PM) —I present the ninth report of 2000 of the Selection of Bills Committee. I move:

That the report be adopted.

Senator CALVERT —I seek leave to have the report incorporated in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The report read as follows


REPORT NO. 9 OF 2000

1. The committee met on 20 June 2000.

2. The committee resolved to recommend-

(a) That the following bill be referred to a committee:

Bill title

Stage at which referred

Legislation Committee

Reporting date

Petroleum Excise Amendment (Measures to Address Evasion) Bill 2000 (see Appendix 1 for a statement of reasons for referral)



17 August 2000

(b) That the following bills not be referred to committees:

· Customs Amendment (Anti-Radioactive Waste Storage Dump) Bill 1999

· Customs Amendment (Alcoholic Beverages) Bill 2000

· Excise Amendment (Alcoholic Beverages) Bill 2000

· International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2000

· Health Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 3) 2000

· National Health Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2000

· Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2000

· Migration Legislation Amendment (Parents and Other Measures) Bill 2000

· Migration (Visa Application) Charge Amendment Bill 2000

The Committee recommends accordingly

3. The committee considered the New Business Tax System (Miscellaneous) Bill (No. 2) 2000 but could not agree on whether the provisions of the bill should be referred to a committee.

4. The committee deferred consideration of the following bills to the next meeting:

(deferred from meeting of 30 November 1999)

· Criminal Code Amendment (Theft, Fraud, Bribery and Related Offences) Bill 1999

(deferred from meeting of 9 May 2000)

· Environmental Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2000

· Financial Sector Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2000

· Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000

(deferred from meeting of 6 June 2000)

· Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Amendment Bill (No. 3) 2000

· Diesel and Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme Amendment Bill 2000

· Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2000

· Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Amendment Bill 2000

(deferred from meeting of 20 June 2000)

· Defence Legislation Amendment (Flexible Career Practices) Bill 2000

(Paul Calvert)


21 June 2000

Appendix 1

Proposal to refer a bill to a committee

Name of bill(s):

Petroleum Excise Amendment (Measures to Address Evasion) Bill 2000

Reasons for referral/principal issues for consideration

failure of government to protect consumers

failure of government to test for fuel substitution

Possible submissions or evidence from:

ATO, Customs, APCO, Liberty Oil, Australian Paint Manufacturers' Federation

Committee to which bill is referred:

Economics Legislation Committee

Possible hearing date:

Possible reporting date(s): 17 August 2000


Kerry O'Brien

Whip/Selection of Bills Committee member

Amendment (by Senator Allison) proposed:

At the end of the motion, add “and, in respect of the New Business Tax System (Miscellaneous) Bill (No. 2) 2000, the provisions of the bill be referred to the Select Committee on Superannuation and Financial Services for inquiry into the impact of certain aspects of the bill on superannuation funds and report by 27 June 2000”.