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Wednesday, 16 February 2000
Page: 11821

Senator GREIG (9:59 AM) —I thank Senator Bolkus for his explanation. I want to make it clear that in this instance the Democrats will not be supportive of the establishment of such a committee. I am compelled in part by the arguments of the minister. I would agree that the proposal has some merit, but I do wonder whether the bill as a whole, which I consider to be good, ought not be frustrated by the potential of this particular amendment and the proposal for this committee to prevent that from happening. I wonder whether Senator Bolkus might have some other mechanism to approach this in a separate way. I am unclear as to whether this proposal is a Labor Party policy perhaps, in which case they may be able to pursue it in the future. I am not convinced that this matter ought to be dealt with in the context of this bill to the point of frustrating it, and as such we will be opposing it.