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Tuesday, 14 August 2012
Page: 5078


To the Honourable president and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled,

The petition of the undersigned shows ....

that the most sacred, age old marriage institution is under threat. Australia needs Gods continued blessings. Marriage was instituted by Almighty Creator God and it would be a gross offence to Him and His followers if "marriage" is legalised between same sex couples.

Your petitioner humbly requests that the Senate ....

do everything in its power to retain the current dignified status of marriage. My wife and I and my two sons have gone to great emotional, spiritual and financial expense to enter this Godly estate and we do not wish to see its value undermined. Unions between consenting homosexual couples may need to be legalised, but another term needs to be used for this union.

by Senator Boswell (from 1citizen).