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Thursday, 1 September 1994
Page: 866

(Question No. 1515)

Senator Calvert asked the Minister representing the Minister for Communications and the Arts, upon notice, on 29 June 1994:

  (1) Through the National Museum of Australia, what is the rationale behind the development of software for "A Republic for Australia", at a cost of $18,700.

  (2) What other costs have been, or are expected to be, paid for "A Republic for Australia".

  (3) Is this an exhibition; if not, what is it.

  (4) Where will this exhibition be available for viewing, and when.

  (5) What is the basis of the exhibition.

Senator McMullan —The Minister for Communications and the Arts has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

  (1) The interactive software package `A Republic for Australia' was commissioned by the National Museum of Australia in order to complement the Powerhouse Museum's exhibition, Australians and the Monarchy.

  The National Museum of Australia is hosting this exhibition at the Old Parliament House from 22 August 1994.

  (2) Apart from the $18,700 for the software, a total of $5,560 was expended on the hardware component.

  (3) This package is not an exhibition in itself, it is a part of an exhibition.

  (4) See above.

  (5) See above.