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Wednesday, 24 August 1994
Page: 181

Senator HILL (Leader of the Opposition) —There has been some debate about the role of participating members; that is, those who are not on the committee but nevertheless turn up to participate in an inquiry. Even the Australian Democrats have expressed some concern about—

Senator Bourne —Even!

Senator HILL —The Australian Democrats have occasionally in the past dropped into committees and claimed great credit for all sorts of matters arising therefrom. I am concerned that someone can simply turn up to a committee, participate in a very minor way and then have the right to attach to the relevant report conclusions and recommendations of that member. I really think that is overdoing it.

  If somebody who is not a member of the committee nevertheless turns up and participates, and if that senator has a different view that he or she wants to put to that of either the majority or the minority of the members, then I think he or she has the opportunity to do it in the chamber rather than having a separate addendum under his or her name added to the committee's report. I really think that is unnecessary and takes it one step too far. I am going to suggest that those few words be removed from the proposed amendment to standing order 38.