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Tuesday, 23 August 1994
Page: 147

(Question No. 1451)

Senator Campbell asked the Minister representing the Minister for Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 7 June 1994:

  (1) How many square metres of office space are either leased, owned or occupied by the department and its agencies.

  (2) What is the breakdown by State or Territory, and by department and agency, by State or Territory.

  (3) How many department and agency employees occupy the office space.

  (4) What is the breakdown by State or Territory, and by department and agency, by State or Territory.

  (5) Does the department lease or own any office space which is not currently occupied by staff; if so, please supply details of: (a) whether the office space is leased or owned; (b) whether it is leased/owned by the department or one of its agencies; (c) how many square metres are involved and the location of the office space (please specify whether details of these office space properties are included in the answers to any of the above questions).

Senator Robert Ray —The Minister for Industrial Relations has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

  Tenancy areas provided are inclusive of conference rooms, hearing rooms and associated public areas, courts, chambers and associated public areas, advocates rooms, press/court reporting rooms, commission rooms, training rooms, student amenities, libraries, auditoriums, laboratories, computer rooms, foyers and reception areas.

Department of Industrial Relations

  (1)leased 18,756m(2).

  (2)ACT-11,794m(2); NSW-1,638m(2)(); VIC-2,321m(2); QLD-891m(2); WA-648m(2); SA-664m(2); TAS-400m(2); NT-400m(2).


  (4)ACT-537(); NSW-67; VIC-66; QLD-31; WA-25; SA-28; TAS-18; NT-21.


  In respect to the agencies within the portfolio:

Worksafe Australia

  (1)leased 7,448m(2).





Affirmative Action Agency

  (1)leased 542m(2).





Australian Industrial Registry

  (1)leased 24,847m(2).

  (2)ACT-458m(2); NSW-11,269m(2)(); VIC-9,021m(2); QLD-1,317m(2); WA-621m(2); SA-1,101m(2); TAS-611m(2); NT-449m(2).


  (4)ACT-3(); NSW-80; VIC-202; QLD-12; WA-8; SA-15; TAS-3; NT-4.



  (1)leased 11,426m(2).

  (2)ACT-3,686m(2); NSW-2501m(2)(); VIC-2,113m(2); QLD-952m(2); WA-593m(2); SA-1,040m(2); TAS-475m(2); NT-66m(2).


  (4)ACT-176(); NSW-94; VIC-67; QLD-33; WA-24; SA-39; TAS-13; NT-2.


Remuneration Tribunal

  (1)leased 562m(2).





Trade Union Training Authority

  (1)leased 2,751m(2); owned 600m(2).

  (2)NSW-947m(2)(); VIC-1,284m(2); QLD-380m(2); WA-220m(2); SA-350m(2); TAS-170m(2).()


  (4)()NSW-37; VIC-42; QLD-6; WA-5; SA-10; TAS-4.



  (b)leased by Trade Union Training Authority; and

  (c)60m(2)—included in above.

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal

  (1)leased 694m(2).





Construction Industry Development Agency

  (1)leased 460m(2).

  (2)()NSW-334m(2)(); VIC-126m(2)().


  (4)()NSW-12; VIC-5.