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Thursday, 30 June 1994
Page: 2528

Senator TAMBLING (9.23 p.m.) —I suggest, facetiously, to the minister that the problem he has with this amendment is that he did not pick up that what Senator Coulter and the Australian Democrats were seeking to achieve with paragraph (d) was to get a member of the public with a view that represented the views of the Australian Democrats. I believe there is sufficient scope to pick up interest groups that Senator Coulter has alluded to in clause 64(1)(e), which states:

2 other members who, in the opinion of the Minister, possess qualifications or experience that are appropriate for a member of the Advisory Committee.

If we accepted the Democrats suggestion we would end up with three people to represent the public; two of them obviously sympathetic to the minister and one sympathetic to the Australian Democrats. The way I am presenting this may be a bit facetious, but I believe there is nothing wrong with the structure of the proposed committee. Paragraph (a) has the registrar, (b) has two members representing breeders, (c) has one member representing a producer—as we have previously amended the paragraph—and (d) has one member representing the very important aspect of consumer representation as part of this committee; and there is nothing wrong with that. There is sufficient scope under paragraph (e) to achieve the objectives that Senator Coulter is arguing for.