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Thursday, 30 June 1994
Page: 2498

Senator HARRADINE (5.38 p.m.) —There are three things I want to say. First of all, I believe that it is absolutely vital that this measure succeed. It is a dreadful situation which is occurring. The sex tourism business has got to be stopped. Many things have been said in the second reading speech with which I agree. This is a developmental issue, for which there is responsibility in the countries concerned. There is responsibility to ensure that our development assistance is properly targeted for the authentic development of those countries, and particularly the protection of children.

  There is growing an anti-child, indeed anti-family, attitude throughout the world. I believe there is an overbalance towards protection of adult centred policies and too often the child is forgotten in those circumstances. I know that there has been a great job done here by the organisation that has been very much involved in this and the churches have been extremely concerned and active in regard to it. The pontifical council for the family has, over a number of years, been very active in its efforts to stamp this out. Legislative measures such as this are good if they are effective and I hope that they are indeed effective. I support the third reading.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.

  Bill read a third time.