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Thursday, 30 June 1994
Page: 2472

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —In accordance with the usual practice, I table a list of parliamentary committee reports to which the government has not responded within the prescribed period. This list has been circulated to honourable senators. With the concurrence of the Senate, the list will be incorporated in Hansard.

  The document read as follows:



This document continues the practice of presenting to the Senate at the end of each period of sittings a schedule listing Government responses to Senate and joint committee reports as well as responses which remain outstanding.

The practice of presenting this schedule to the Senate follows the undertaking by successive governments to respond to parliamentary committee reports in timely fashion. On 26 May 1978 the Minister for Administrative Services (Senator Withers) informed the Senate that within six months of the tabling of a committee report, the responsible Minister would make a statement in the Parliament outlining the action the Government proposed to take in relation to the report. The period for responses was reduced from six months to three months in 1983 by the incoming government.

The Leader of the Government in the Senate announced this change on 24 August 1983. The method of response continued to be by way of statement. More recently the Government has advised that responses to committee reports will be made by letter to a committee chairman, with the letter being tabled in the Senate at the earliest opportunity. The date of the presentation of the Government's response to the Senate has been taken as the date that the response is presented, not the date of any correspondence with the committee.

The schedule does not include reports of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works or the Senate Standing Committees on Appropriations and Staffing, Selection of Bills, Procedure, Publications, Regulations and Ordinances and Scrutiny of Bills. Government responses to reports of the Public Works Committee are normally reflected in motions for the approval of works after the relevant report has been presented and considered. Responses to reports of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts are usually made in the form of Finance Minutes which are tabled by the committee. Where a response has been made by way of Finance Minute, the date of presentation has been appropriately annotated.

Senate standing committees are often required to report on the provisions of bills. Only those reports by the standing committees in this category, that make recommendations and therefore require a response, are listed in the schedule.

Title of Report Date Date Response Response Within

Report Presented/Made Time Specified

Presented to Senate (3 Months)

Australian Loan Council

(Senate Select)

Third report 14.12.93 # No

Australian Security

Intelligence Organization

(Joint Statutory)

A review of security assessment

procedures 27.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Certain Aspects of Foreign

Ownership Decisons in Relation

to the Print Media (Senate


First report 9.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Community Affairs (Senate


Proposed treatment of unrealised

capital gains and losses on

listed securities under the

income test for pensioners 1.9.93 3.5.94 No

(released 15.4.94)

Breast cancer screening and

treatment in Australia 9.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Community Standards Relevant

to the Supply of Services Utilising

Electronic Technologies

(Senate Select)

Video and computer games and

classification issues 28.10.93 # No

Overseas sourced audiotex services,

video and computer games, r-rated

material on pay TV 29.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Corporations and Securities

(Joint Statutory)

Close Corporations Act 4.5.93 28.9.93 (Interim) No

(released ## No


Differential voting shares and

the Australian Stock Exchange 23.11.93 ## No

Report on annual reports of the

Australian Securities Commission,

the Companies and Securities

Advisory Committee, the Companies

Auditors and Liquidators

Disciplinary Board and the

Australian Accounting Standards

Board 1992-93 30.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Delegation (Parliamentary)

Bougainville—A Pacific solution 8.6.94 8.6.94 Yes

Electoral Matters (Joint


The conduct of elections: New

boundaries for cooperation 10.9.92 # No

Counting the vote on election

night 24.11.92 # No

Ready or not—Refining the

process for Election `93 4.5.93

(released # No


Women, elections and parliament 2.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Financial Reporting by

political parties:

Conduct of the 1993 election

and matters related thereto

(Interim Report) 30.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Employment, Education and

Training (Senate Standing)

Wanted: Our Future—Implications

of sustained high levels of 16.12.92 27.5.93(Interim)

unemployment among young 3.5.94(released No

people (15-24 years old) 27.4.94)(Final) No

Organisation and Funding of

Research in Higher Education 24.3.94 # No

The nature, implications and

effects of the Statutory Rules

1994 Nos 146 and 154 28.6.94 Not required —

Environment, Recreation and

the Arts (Senate Standing)

Examination of annual reports—

1992-93 reports tabled in the

Senate August to December 1993 24.3.94 Not received No

Report on the review of annual

reports—1992-93 reports tabled

in the Senate January to

June 1994 30.6.94 Not required —

Finance and Public Administration

(Senate Standing)

Performance Pay 1.2.94 30.5.94

(released (released

22.12.93) 26.5.94) No

Report on annual reports tabled

January 1994—June 1994 30.6.94 Not required —

Foreign Affairs, Defence and

Trade (Joint)

Australia, the World Bank and the

International Monetary Fund 30.9.93 # No

Australia's relations with

Indonesia 18.11.93 2.6.94 No

An island tiger: Report of an 30.6.94 Not received Time

unofficial visit to Taiwan not expired

Industry, Science, Technology,

Transport, Communications and


Disaster Management 29.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Report on the examination of

annual reports—No. 1 of 1994 30.6.94 Not required —

Legal and Constitutional

Affairs (Senate Standing)

Feasibility of a National ID

Scheme; the Tax File Number 20.10.88 # No

Proposed amendments to Part VA

of the Trade Practices Act 1974

—Product liability—Where

should the loss fall? 4.5.93 30.5.94

(released (released

18.12.92) 19.5.94) No

The cost of justice—checks

and imbalances 1.9.93 # No

Checking the cash—The effectiveness

of the Financial Transaction

Reports Act 1988 18.11.93 # No

Gender bias and the judiciary 30.5.94 Not received Time

(released not expired


Migration (Joint Standing)

Australia's refugee and humanitarian

system: Achieving a balance between

refuge and control 14.9.92 30.6.94 No

Conditional migrant entry: The

health rules 4.5.93 # No


12.1.93) No

Asylum, border control and

detention 2.3.94 Not received No

National Capital and External

Territories (Joint Standing)

Proposal for pay parking in the

parliamentary zone 27.6.94 Not received Time

not expired

Parliamentary Zone

(Joint Statutory)

Future of the old Parliament

House 25.11.92 # No

Pay Television Tendering

Processes, Matters Arising from

(Senate Select)

Terms of reference part (1)(b) 16.12.93 # No

Privileges (Senate Standing)

Possible improper interference with

a witness and possible misleading

evidence before the National Crime

Authority Committee

(36th Report) 25.6.92 ## No

Possible adverse treatment of a

witness before the Corporations

and Securities Committee (42nd

Report) 27.5.93 # No

Person referred to in the Senate

(Councillor Michael Samaras)

(47th Report) 31.5.94 Not required —

Possible improper disclosure of

document or proceedings of

Migration Committee (48th Report) 8.6.94 Not required —

Public Accounts (Joint


Managing people in the Australian 4.5.93 Not received No

Public Service: dilemmas of (released

devolution and diversity 21.12.92)

An assessment of tax 17.11.93 Not received No

Review of Auditor-General's

reports May 1991-September

1992 22.3.94 Not received No

Rural and Regional Affairs

Senate Standing)

Employment of visitors to

Australia in the shearing

industry 23.2.94 Not received No

Report on the examination of

annual reports—No. 1 of 1994 30.6.94 Not required —

Report on the examination of

annual reports—No. 2 of 1994 30.6.94 Not required —

Superannuation (Senate


Super Complaints Tribunal 16.12.93 # No

Super for housing 30.5.94 Not received Time

(released not expired


#See document tabled in the Senate on 30 June 1994, entitled Government Responses to Parliamentary Committee Reports—Response to the list tabled in the Senate by the President on 24 March 1994, for Government interim responses.

##See document tabled in the Senate on 30 June 1994, entitled Government Responses to Parliamentary Committee Reports—Response to the list tabled in the Senate by the President on 24 March 1994, for Goverment final responses.