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Wednesday, 29 June 1994
Page: 2338

Senator HARRADINE (6.03 p.m.) —The document that has just been given to us needs some explanation, and maybe the minister can give it to us. She has referred previously to the estimated total outlays and savings for the measure, which appear on the second typed page of the explanatory memorandum. The savings indicated total $4.53 million in 1995-96 and $20.16 million in 1996-97. Are those figures based on the assumptions contained in the document that the minister has just given us?

Senator Crowley —Yes.

Senator HARRADINE —In that case, what is the basis for assuming that 80 per cent will be receiving alternative DSS income support in 1995-96? Whilst the minister is consulting with the officers, I refer to the figures which state there are 12,060 women whose eligibility for the age pension will be postponed by at least six months in 1995-96. Is the minister saying that 80 per cent of those women—that is to say, 9,590—in fact have alternative DSS income support? I have not added up those figures, but the document you just gave us says:

Wife Pension (Age and Disability Support)

Disability Support/Carers pension

Widows B/Sole Parent pension

JSA/NSA/Sickness Allowance (own right)**

JSA/NSA/Sickness Allowance (with partner)

Is that a total of those figures? If so, why is `Widow B/Sole Parent pension' included there?