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Wednesday, 29 June 1994
Page: 2250

Senator CROWLEY (Minister for Family Services) (11.23 a.m.) —Do I take it that the committee is of the view that what is before the chair shall remain before the chair?

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —It could be reversed by leave, but, failing that, we will proceed with things as they are at present.

Senator Woodley —I have heard no reason from the government for not proceeding in the way in which I have indicated.

Senator CROWLEY —The reason for not proceeding in that way is that the government is of the view that we do not wish to support either amendment but it may well be that as a fall back position we will have to make a choice. If we proceed with things as they currently stand, we might be caught supporting the wrong amendment. The process would have been more direct if matters had come up in the way originally proposed. But if the committee is not minded to change the order in which these amendments are put, the government will cope with that in its own way.