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Tuesday, 28 June 1994
Page: 2151

Senator KEMP (10.10 p.m.) —I want to make a couple of very brief remarks. This clause of the bill, I understand, is based on ILO convention 158. If the previous terms of the bill were in conformity with 158, how can the current changes proposed by the government also be in conformity with 158? That is my first question. My second question is: is there anything in ILO convention 158 which calls for the exclusion of people from its terms on the basis of income? I would like that point to be addressed.

  Thirdly, is it possible—and this is an issue that Senator Murphy knows well that I raised in the chamber—that as this clause is based on an international convention, and judgments on this can be made by people in Geneva, this bill can be appealed to the ILO by someone unhappy about the terms of the bill, whether that be the ACTU or some employer group, to determine whether this bill is illegal? It is a sad thing when the legality of the laws of this land is determined in Geneva. I put that point to the minister and ask whether this can be appealed to Geneva by an employer group or an employee group, to determine whether it is legal?