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Tuesday, 28 June 1994
Page: 2094

Senator SHORT —by leave—I wish to make a brief personal explanation as I claim to have been misrepresented. I want to say, first of all, that at no stage has anyone on this side of the parliament cast any aspersions on the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Ray; I am sure he is aware of that. But the point I wanted to put down for the record is that Senator Ray referred to the debate which was recorded in the Hansard for the Senate estimates of last Thursday, 23 June. He said that I had rolled together the three cases on page 230 of the Hansard. What he quoted was, in fact, correct. What he omitted to say, and where I think he therefore, perhaps inadvertently, did misrepresent me, is that having mentioned the three cases they were then dealt with very specifically and separately.

  The first case, the Miakhel case, was dealt with on pages 230 to 236 of the Hansard. The second case, which related to a Mr Mohtat, was dealt with on pages 236 to 238. The third case, the so-called unknown third man, was dealt with on pages 239 to 241. I want to make it clear that in the consideration of these matters in the estimates committee last week there was no confusion; they were dealt with very specifically and separately.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.