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Wednesday, 11 May 1994
Page: 653

Senator PANIZZA (4.27 p.m.) —I caused this brawl in the first place by seeking a five-minute extension so that Senator Crane could speak on a matter that he thought was very important. Obviously, there is no goodwill in this place, but there was some a few weeks ago when I made the same request of Senator Gareth Evans—that the time for taking note of answers be extended for a short period to allow one or two senators on our side to give five-minute deliveries. He very graciously gave leave for that to occur.

  I say for Senator Kernot's benefit that when I asked for that five-minute extension I did not mention that Senator Coulter had spoken; I did not mention that government senators had spoken. I was asking for some goodwill so that five minutes of the 60 minutes set aside for MPIs—which we had not used that day; we did not use it on Monday or Tuesday and we only used it on one day last week—could be used.

  If we do not have motions to take note of answers, that time should be added to the time for the MPI, so that we have flexible working times in this place. Senator Schacht showed none of the goodwill with regard to the request for a five-minute extension that his leader in the Senate showed on 17 March. It is a disgrace that there is no goodwill left in this place, as the remarks by Senator Schacht and Senator Faulkner have shown.