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Wednesday, 4 May 1994
Page: 226

Senator COULTER (4.58 p.m.) —Amendment No. 11 deals with the frequency of payments of bounty.

Senator Schacht —You are not going to proceed with amendments 9 and 10?

Senator COULTER —No. As agreed to in discussion with the government this morning, we accepted the government's view that putting in the word `substantial' made it somewhat more difficult to define what was a `substantial improvement'. Therefore, we are not proceeding with amendments 9, 10 and 12. Amendment No. 11, which we are proceeding with and which I understand the government is supporting, simply brings the bounty payment period from two months back to one month. The reason for this is that quite substantial amounts of money are involved. The number of producers of fuel ethanol are likely to be small, so the imposition on the department of administering a one-month bounty scheme compared with a two-month bounty scheme is not likely to be arduous. Therefore, there are benefits to be gained and no great penalties to be borne by the department. For that reason, we are very grateful that the government is supporting this amendment. I move:

11.Clause 26, page 14, paragraph (3)(a), line 37, omit "2 months", substitute "one month".

  Amendment agreed to.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —We are now considering amendments 1 to 14, clauses 50 to 55.