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Wednesday, 4 May 1994
Page: 142

Senator PARER —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

  That the Senate—

  (a)condemns the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) for ignoring the rights and wishes of the Yanyuwa and Mara people in their support of construction of a port facility at Bing Bong for the McArthur River lead-zinc mine;

  (b)applauds reaffirmation of this support by Mr Musso Harvey, Aboriginal elder and senior lawman for the Yanyuwa and Mara people, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation (CDC);


    (i)Mr Musso Harvey's condemnation of the ACF stand as `using Aboriginal people for their own political gains in this way', and

    (ii)that the CDC identifies that the port development offers significant benefits to Aboriginals, including commercial involvement through managing the trucking and barging contracts, employment and training opportunities; and

  (d)calls on the Government to instruct the ACF that no taxpayers funds are to be used in this blatant exercise in self-promotion against the wishes of all parties involved, including the Federal and Northern Territory governments, and to observe the wishes of the Northern Land Council, the Yanyuwa and Mara Aboriginals, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CDC.