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Tuesday, 5 May 1987
Page: 2299

Senator REID —On behalf of the Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory, I present the report on proposals for variations of the plan of lay-out of the city of Canberra and its environs-ninetieth series, together with the minutes of proceedings. I seek leave to make a statement relating to the report and to incorporate the statement in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The statement read as follows-

The report I have just tabled deals with the 90th Series of Variations to the City Plan, as well as one item from the 88th Series of Variations, namely the construction of the Eastern Parkway from Isabella Drive through to MacArthur and Newcastle Street, Fyshwick.

I will first deal with the outstanding item from the 88th series. The Committee deferred approval of this variation in October 1986 because it was not satisfied that it had been provided with sufficient information on which to make an informed judgment regarding the design or costing of the proposed road.

As part of the Committee's consideration of items in the 90th Series of Variations, the NCDC was asked to return before the Committee to expand on its original briefing on the Eastern Parkway. The Committee is satisfied that it has now been provided with the appropriate details and approves the variation, noting that the preliminary stages of roadworks will improve traffic conditions on several dangerous intersections and ease traffic levels on adjoining arterial roads.

I now turn to Items contained in the 90th Series of Variations. The Committee approves all Items in this series except Item 2 which deals with the addition of roads and the realignment of an existing cyclepath adjacent to Lake Ginninderra to allow development of the area for commercial purposes. The parcel of land under consideration is located within the Belconnen Town Centre Zone on the western foreshore of Lake Ginninderra.

The Committee is prepared to approve construction of the majority of proposed roads and relocation of the cyclepath but is not convinced of the need to develop Section 149, which is a relatively small and attractive parcel of land immediately adjacent to City gardens. This is a potentially popular extension of this section of lake foreshore area and not considered a suitable site for a motel development. A commercial development of this nature could more appropriately take place on Section 65 or the adjoining Section 86. Therefore, the Committee does not approve the portion of road addition proposed within Section 149.

Variation 3 deals with the degazettal of portions of Wakefield Gardens to provide two sites for the development of small scale professional or commercial offices at the Ainslie Local Centre. The Committee is not satisfied that adequate consultations with neighbouring residents have been carried out in relation to this proposal and approves the variation on the basis that this be done.

In the Committee's consideration of the Parliamentary Mall, which is Variation No. 4, support is given for development of this Mall as it is considered to be an essential feature of Burley Griffin's plan and the development of the Parliamentary Triangle. During discussions of the proposal, the question of the proposed location of the Bicentennial Music Bowl at Regatta Point was raised. The Committee is concerned that it was not consulted at an earlier date about the proposed siting of this venue and considers that it may have been more appropriate to locate it on a more prominent area of national significance and close to Parliament House. The Parliamentary Triangle has become an accepted location for musical performances associated with official celebrations and this may have been a more appropriate site for the proposed bowl.