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Monday, 30 March 1987
Page: 1443

Senator HARRADINE —My question is directed to Senator Ryan and follows the two questions that have been raised. Is it not a fact that the survey that she announced in response to Senator Crowley's question was announced by the Prime Minister almost two years ago, namely, that a survey would be done into the value of non-paid work in the home? Is it not a fact that almost two years ago the Prime Minister decided and announced that that survey would be done? Is it also not a fact that, despite the departmental work that has been done preparatory to that, the Government has starved the people responsible for developing that project of funds? Could the Minister advise the Chamber precisely what funds have been made available for that survey?

Senator RYAN —I am very pleased that Senator Harradine pays such close attention to the Prime Minister's statements on matters concerning women. It certainly is the case that the Prime Minister mentioned such a survey as one of the steps he was interested in taking in relation to the National Agenda for Women. Now that such a step has received widespread endorsement during the agenda process, that step will be taken. I will seek information as to the specific funding available for the survey and inform Senator Harradine as soon as possible.