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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1417

Senator NEWMAN(5.46) —I would like to draw the attention of the Committee to the definition of `Convention'. The legislation describes the Convention as being `the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage', a copy of which is set out in the schedule to the World Heritage Properties Conservation Act 1983. I would like to ask the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Gietzelt) whether the use of the word `Convention' in this clause means that Article 34 of the Convention will be upheld. I draw the Minister's attention to Article 34 which states:

With regard to the provisions of this convention, the implementation of which comes under the legal jurisdiction of individual constituent States . . . that are not obliged by the constitutional system of the federation to take legislative measures, the federal government shall inform the competent authorities of such States . . . of the said provisions, with its recommendation for their adoption.

Does the Government recognise that Article 34 demonstrates quite clearly that the Lemonthyme and Southern Forests (Commission of Inquiry) Bill relates to domestic logging which is a State responsibility? The Convention requires under the Article the implementation by the State of any necessary action, not by the Federal body which has the entitlement only to recommend the adoption of protective measures.