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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1392

Senator CHANEY —I remind the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce that, on 5 December last year, I asked when he would provide details of the various assistance and adjustment programs proposed under the new textile, clothing and footwear package. In his reply, the Minister said:

I hope to have all of those matters finalised before Parliament resumes, and make a statement to Parliament about the whole textile, clothing and footwear package early in the autumn session.

He went on to say:

That statement will embrace not only the additional details which have been sought but also some attempt at outlining the philosophical assumptions under the textile, clothing and footwear plan.

As we are now in the fourth week of sitting of the new session, I ask the Minister: Can he, in the interest of business and investor confidence, say to the Senate when can we expect his statement to be tabled or made?

Senator BUTTON —I thank Senator Chaney for reminding me of December last year, which I concede seems an awfully long time ago. I am quite clear about the philosophical assumptions; I am less clear about the money. I think I will be in a position to make a statement within the next two weeks.