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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1369

The CHAIRMAN —Order! Do honourable senators wish the Bill to be taken as a whole?

Senator Collard-No.

Senator Walters-I would like the Bill to be taken clause by clause, please.

The CHAIRMAN —Very well. The question is that clause 1 stand as printed.

Senator Sanders-This will be difficult, Mr Chairman. I have a number of amendments which I would like to seek leave to move together.

The CHAIRMAN —At the request of the Committee, I have decided to take the Bill clause by clause. The honourable senator will have to move his amendments separately. However, if they are consequential they can be dealt with as we come to the clause concerned without their having to be moved.

Senator Walters-I do not wish to move an amendment but to ask questions on clause 3.

The CHAIRMAN —If the Bill is taken as a whole, Senator Walters can ask questions on any clause she likes. I am in the hands of the Committee on this matter. If anyone wants the Bill to be taken clause by clause, it will be.

Clause 1 (Short title).