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Thursday, 27 November 1986
Page: 2920

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(8.16) —I will seek answers to that multitude of questions from Senator Vigor. Perhaps some time we ought to do a costing on the amount of questions asked by Senator Vigor at various committees. I am told that the Auditor-General did criticise PISCES, the principal item stock control and entitlement system, without making the corniest joke that I have heard in the chamber for some time. He made 29 recommendations and the Department is what is described as responding positively to those recommendations. I will get some answers on that. Neither I nor the advisers here know anything about the stock control usage based-Army or SCUBA project, apart from the fact that it is part of the redevelopment project in the Department's automatic data processing system that is being investigated.

With regard to the Port Parham rifle range, I am told that apparently the Defence Department would acquire only the smaller of the two proposed additions involving an extension of the region north of the range and would not go ahead with the larger acquisition covering Port Parham and Webb Beach. That may mean something to Senator Vigor but it does not mean anything to me. The Minister announced that on 22 August.

I am afraid that I do not have any knowledge about the rest of the stuff, which was very technical. Certainly the officers here cannot get information on it now. I will take Senator Vigor'scomplaints about the lack of information in the answers that he was given in the past and will refer them to the Minister and to the Department. I apologise for that. I would love to know how many trees we have to cut down to supply all the answers. As I have said many times before, if Senator Vigor seeks that information, he will get it eventually.