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Thursday, 27 November 1986
Page: 2878

Senator ARCHER —I refer the Minister representing the Special Minister of State to recommendation 22 of the Stewart Royal Commission into Drug Trafficking, which states:

The Australian Federal Police and the State police forces should surrender to the ABCI all information held on organised crime to avoid the duplication of effort and resources and to achieve a truly national system of criminal intelligence.

Is this being done, or has the Australian Federal Police been withholding information from the Australian Bureau of Criminal Investigation by denying it computer access to AFP material? If not, what restrictions, if any, are placed on the ABCI obtaining information from the Federal Police? Is it correct that information on more than 50 current operations related to the ABCI's Project Templar has been electronically barred and specifically labelled to prevent ABCI's staff from accessing it?

Senator GARETH EVANS —Unfortunately, I have not had notice of that question without notice; so I am not able to answer it other than partly to refer Senator Archer to an answer given by Mr Young on 11 November which addresses some of the recent controversies involving the ABCI. I will take the rest of the question on notice.