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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2208

Senator DURACK —My question is directed to the Minister for Finance. I remind him that in answer to a question last Thursday he said in relation to the Government's policy on discounting of the consumer price index for devaluation:

. . . because it is not likely to be significant in the September national wage case, the Government will not argue for discounting of the devaluation induced consumer price index effect . . .

I refer him to the answer that Senator Button gave to a question that I addressed to him yesterday in relation to the same subject and the September national wage case. He said:

. . . we will examine the position with regard to that hearing at that time . . .

Did the Minister mislead the Senate last week by saying that a decision had been taken on discounting, or was Senator Button misleading the Senate yesterday when he said a decision would not be taken until the hearing in September?

Senator WALSH —I have nothing to add to what I said last week.