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Monday, 13 May 1985
Page: 1860

Debate resumed from 8 May, on motion by Senator Button:

That the Bills be now read a second time.

upon which Senator Chaney had moved by way of amendment:

Leave out all words after 'That', insert: 'these Bills be referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Government Operations for investigation and report on the necessity for the creation of an independent Customs Service and, without limiting the generality of the reference, for report on-

(a) the practical impact of the changes on the Service, the Minister, customs agents and the general public;

(b) what advantages flow from the proposed changes;

(c) the extent to which the changes add to or reduce the accountability of the Australian Customs Service;

(d) how the changes affect the role and responsibility of the Minister; and

(e) the cost of the changes'.