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Monday, 13 May 1985
Page: 1798

Senator FOREMAN —I refer the Minister representing the Attorney-General to the possible closure of the access handover service of Adelaide Central Mission due to this project coming to the end of its funding. Will the Minister advise whether continued funding of this service is being considered as it serves a valuable function in providing protection for women who are at serious risk of violence?

Senator GARETH EVANS —I know that I have a brief here somewhere which I may need to spell out further later but I cannot for the moment find it. My recollection is that the handover centre in Adelaide was a pilot project only, that it had no particular expectation of a continuation of funding and that the continuation of it was requisite upon both the availability of further funding and also an evaluation of the work done by that pilot centre to date. That is as much as I can offer for the moment but I will do my best to supplement my answer later.