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Wednesday, 8 May 1985
Page: 1569

Senator BOSWELL(6.54) —I too should like to make some comments on the Trade Union Training Authority. I hope that the Authority in Victoria has the capacity to take on about 20,000 dairy farmers who are going to be thrown off their farms by this Government. These people will have to be retrained because they have no capacity to stand up for themselves. They are going to have to undertake some form of training, and I hope that TUTA has the capacity to train them. Mr Acting Deputy President, you have probably seen today the 50 or 60 very worried looking farmers in the corridors of this place who have been seeking help from the Australian Labor Party. They have been calling on Mr Kerin, the Minister for Primary Industry. They have been calling on everyone they can in the last desperate effort to avoid the disaster that the Kerin plan is going to perpetrate on the dairy industry.

Senator Colston —Mr Acting Deputy President, I take a point of order. I understand that Senator Boswell is not speaking on the matter that is under discussion at the moment.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Elstob) —There is no point of order. However, I suggest that Senator Boswell should keep to the report.

Senator BOSWELL —I hope that the Trade Union Training Authority teaches the people who participate in the training that they have a responsibility not only to unionists but also to every other citizen of Australia. The way the unions, backed by the Government, are behaving in the boycott that has been foisted upon the people of Queensland is absolutely disgraceful. I sincerely hope that TUTA will endeavour to impress upon the people who attend its courses that they not only have a responsibility to the unions but they also have a responsibility to give a fair day's work for a fair day's pay.

Government senators interjecting-

Senator BOSWELL —Mr Acting Deputy President, I seek your protection from the interjections. The people who attend TUTA also have a responsibility to fulfil the jobs they take on. I bring to the attention of the Senate the boycott that is being placed on Queensland at the moment. In actual fact, the more the State is boycotted the further the Queensland Government will continue on its course. The boycott has become an absolute joke in Queensland. The further the trade union movement goes down that track the deeper the water it will get itself into. Before I conclude my remarks I should like to put on record that tonight this Government has treated the dairy industry with absolute contempt. It has filibustered. It would not address the question. It is frightened to go forward and put its position on the dairy industry.