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Wednesday, 8 May 1985
Page: 1555

Senator ROBERT RAY(5.28) —Mr Deputy President, I will be brief. I had the honour to serve on the Council of the Australian Trade Union Training Authority during the last two years. It is very pleasing to see that the organisation is continuing to develop. I congratulate TUTA on the development of its publications. Senator Harradine has mentioned the one on the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission, which is a very impressive document. TUTA has proved to be very adaptable in its courses during the last few years, readily forwarding courses on the prices and incomes accord, occupational health and safety and other topics relevant to the current issues.

Two other pleasing aspects that occur to me are that when the Clyde Cameron College was first set up in Wodonga it was very much an isolated institution, referred to by the locals as the Kremlin, the Red Morgue or some other appellation. It was very much divorced from the community. It is very pleasing to see that in the last two or three years it has integrated into the community, it allows its facilities to be used by the community in Wodonga and that it is far more highly regarded than in the past. From the moment it was set up there was the dilemma as to whether courses are best run from State centres or are best run from a place like Albury-Wodonga. Regrettably, I would say that in most cases the State centre courses are slightly more popular because they are more accessible to the general working population than going all the way to Albury-Wodonga.

I also congratulate Ted Heagney on the way in which he has controlled and organised the organisation. I understand that he is probably in his last term at the moment. He has done an excellent job and I wish his successor every success.