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Wednesday, 8 May 1985
Page: 1554

Senator HARRADINE(5.24) —I move:

That the Senate take note of the paper.

I notice that other senators rose to their feet to get the call so I will take only two minutes. I formally congratulate Jack Heffernan on his appointment as Chairman of the Australian Council of Trade Union Training. I also note that this will probably be the last report tabled in parliament while Ted Heagney is National Director. I am sure honourable senators join with me in wishing Ted Heagney a successful retirement and also acknowledge the long period of his work in and for trade union training, not only for the Australian Trade Union Training Authority, but even before he went to the Authority. He certainly has made a very distinguished contribution to that aspect of trade unionism.

Page 8 of the report details training materials and publications that have been developed over the preceding year and even before then, in particular the handbooks that have been prepared relating to a manual of the procedures and documents used in the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission. This is important. It also mentions two new videos about speaking at meetings and drafting a motion. I have not had an opportunity of seeing those videos but it is a good idea to have these sorts of materials and training programs. If trade union training concentrates on this particular area, giving to trade unionists the tools which will make the system work, so much the better.

I was on the initial interim Training Authority, way back too many years ago to think of, and I had something to say about the Clyde Cameron College at that particular time. I have always believed that it is important to concentrate in the States and not to concentrate efforts in a central area. However, I believe there will be opportunities to speak about that because there will be a Bill introduced into Parliament shortly. I say quite deliberately that students, and indeed staff, at the Trade Union Training College in Wodonga should be able to go about their business and should be able to be present and be accommodated in the Trade Union Training College without harassment. I hope that matter has been properly determined and settled. I do not wish to raise that question unnecessarily in this Parliament; there will be opportunities for raising it. However, I sincerely hope the matter has been properly handled and settled.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —Before I call the next speaker, I draw the attention of the Senate to the fact that a number of honourable senators wish to speak on this paper. Under sessional order, the debate on papers will end in seven minutes time. That is in no way intended to limit the entitlement of honourable senators, which of course remains as laid down in sessional order.