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Wednesday, 8 May 1985
Page: 1499

Senator BUTTON (Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce)(10.58) —I am sorry; I thought Senator Chaney was going on to deal with his second amendment. I apologise for not having heard all that he said. Let me state what I think he is putting. Is my understanding correct that Senator Chaney, his amendment relating to proposed new section 26M having been defeated and the Scrutiny of Bills Committee having made a suggestion about the tabling of a Commonwealth of Australia Gazette notice incorporating a direction, seeks to incorporate a provision akin to section 48 (1) (c) of the Acts Interpretation Act in relation to proposed new section 26M?

Senator Chaney —Yes.

Senator BUTTON —Is that the extent of it?

Senator Chaney —That is all.

Senator BUTTON —In those circumstances I will move the amendment. I do not have the clause in front of me. I will refine the wording in a minute.

Senator Chaney —Would you like us to move on to my amendment until you have a form of words? That might simplify it.

Motion (by (Senator Chaney) agreed to:

That consideration of clause 8 be postponed until after consideration of clause 9.

Clause 9.