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Wednesday, 8 May 1985
Page: 1490

To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled.

The petition of citizens and residents of Australia and/or victims of the Hanoi Communist regime, shows that:

(i) The current Hanoi Communist Government are the most repressive rulers in the history of Vietnam. Ten years after the so-called 'liberation' of South Vietnam by force, the Hanoi ruling clique continues to violate basic Human Rights and imprison several hundred thousand innocent people without trials in their so-called 're-education camps'.

(ii) Hanoi is still following a policy of aggression with their troops in Kampuchea and Laos in defiance of World opinion.

(iii) The Hanoi Communist Government is currently conducting the most sustained and aggressive dry season offensive since the initial invasion of Kampuchea.

(iv) Aid of any kind, including the educational exchange program will be considered by the Hanoi regime as a sign of approval of their aggressive policy against the peoples of Indo-China.

(v) The supposedly insignificant act of the Australian Government in granting the 22 Communist cadres disguised as students to enter Australia on student visas, is:

being seen by Hanoi regime as a sign of approval of their policy;

a provocative and insensitive act against the 80,000 Vietnamese in Australia, who have suffered at the hands of the repressive Vietnamese Government;

presenting unacceptable settlement problems to the Vietnamese Community in Australia who want to live peacefully in their new homeland.

Your petitioners therefore pray that Australia:

(i) Ceases forthwith all forms of aid to the Hanoi Government including those educational ties and exchanges as the peace and freedom loving traditions of the Australian people should not be seen-through their government-as supporters of that cruel and repressive regime.

(ii) Returns immediately their 22 disguised students back to their Socialist paradise.

(iii) Joins the free world to condemn the Hanoi Government of their Human Rights violations in Vietnam and their invasion of Laos and Kampuchea and their incursion into Thai territory.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.