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Thursday, 21 March 1985
Page: 612

Senator WALSH (Minister for Finance)(8.53) —The plain facts are that in 1982 Senator Harradine voted to remove from the Fraser Government's legislation a specific clause 3(12). In 1983 he voted against precisely the same proposition. His vote in 1982 was not crucial; in 1983 it was. The apologia he has just presented-and the apologia varies from time to time-is that because that clause was left in the 1982 Bill it generated an expectation there would be an exemption for a particular class of vendor-shareholders. There was an expectation by all vendor-shareholders, promoters, and directors who sold off companies to promoters, prior to the 1982 legislation that they all would get away with it. The logic of the argument Senator Harradine has presented is that he should have voted against the 1982 Bill in its entirety. I do not know whether it is his logic that is faulty or whether it is something else, but I do remember that when he was before the Federal Executive of the Labour Party in the early 1970s and was asked whether he had ever been a member of the National Civic Council, he said he could not remember. I do not believe people forget things like that.