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Monday, 25 February 1985
Page: 104

Senator GRIMES (Manager of Government Business) —I table papers in accordance with the list circulated to honourable senators. With the concurrence of the Senate, I incorporate the list in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The list read as follows-

1. Australian Agricultural Council 119th meeting held in Townsville 30 July 1984-Report.

2. Australian Fisheries Council 14th meeting held in Townsville 28 July 1984-Report.

3. Australian Forestry Council 21st meeting held in Brisbane 25 July 1984-Report.

4. Museum of Australia-Annual Report-1983-84-Pursuant to section 38 of the Museum of Australia Act 1980.

5. Australian Postal Commission-Annual Report 1984-Pursuant to section 102 (3) of the Postal Service Act 1975.

6. Australian Wool Corporation-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 90 (1) of the Wool Industry Act 1972.

7. Australian Bicentennial Road Development Program-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 27 of the Australian Bicentennial Road Development Trust Fund Act 1982.

8. Pig Meat Promotion Committee-Annual Report 1984-Pursuant to section 16 of the Pork Promotion Act 1975.

9. Poultry Industry Assistance Act 1965-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 8 (1) of the Poultry Industry Assistance Act 1965.

10. The Australian National Line-Annual Report 1984-Pursuant to section 35 of the Australian Shipping Commission Act 1956.

11. Department of Administrative Services-Annual Report 1983-84.

12. Barley Industry Research Council-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 35 of the Barley Research Act 1980.

13. Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 49 (4) of the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Act 1979.

14. Australian Dried Fruits Corporation-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 36 (1) of the Australian Dried Fruits Corporation Act 1978.

15. Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 38 (3) of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act 1980.

16. Defence Service Homes Corporation-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to section 50B of the Defence Service Homes Act 1918.

17. Australian Forestry Council 1982-83 Bushfires-Report by the Standing Committee on Forestry.

18. Aviation cost recovery-report of the Independent Inquiry into Aviation Cost Recovery.

19. Australian Broadcasting Corporation-annual report 1983-84-pursuant to section 80 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983.

20. Australian Research Grants Scheme-report on grants approved for 1985.

21. Australian National Satellite System-annual report 1984.

22. The Heavy Engineering Industry-interim IAC report-together with an annexure to the report.

23. The Dried Vine Fruits Industry-IAC report.

24. Re-Import Concessions-IAC report.

25. Office of Australian War Graves-annual report 1983-84-pursuant to section 13 of the War Graves Act 1980.

26. Australian Honey Board-annual report 1983-84-pursuant to section 30 of the Honey Industry Act 1962.

27. Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs-annual report 1983-84, which also includes a report on the operation of the adult migrant education program which is required under the Immigration (Education) Act 1971.

28. Department of Defence Support-annual report 1983-84.

29. Tableware and other Goods of Ceramics-IAC report.

30. Acts Interpretation Act-papers relating to the extension of time granted for annual reports (1983-84) of the following organisations:

Australian Dairy Corporation

Milk Authority of the Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Commercial Development Authority

Australian Trade Union Training Authority

Australian Law Reform Commission

Commissioner and Superannuation Fund Investment Trust

Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority

Australian Atomic Energy Commission


Building and Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board

Legal Aid Commission (Australian Capital Territory)