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Wednesday, 24 October 1984
Page: 2410

(Question No. 996)

Senator Coates asked the Attorney-General, upon notice, on 22 August 1984:

(1) What applications have been made in the last four years for financial assistance under (a) s.141A, (b) s.141B of the Conciliation and Arbitration Act.

(2) Which of the applications have been successful.

(3) What payment has been made in each case.

(4) What has been the name of the solicitor for the applicant in each case.

Senator Gareth Evans —The answer to the honourable senator's question (made up to 12 October 1984) is set out in the schedule below.


Name of matter (name of applicant for

financial assistance is in italics)

Section Amount Name of solicitor for applicant

$ Applications Approved and Paid

R. W. Hill v. Ophel and Smith 141A 3,045.00 J. N. Zigouras & Co.

R. A. Cook and Ors v. Crawford and Ors 141A 50,687.00 White, Barnes & McGuire

J. Kanan v. M. A. Hawkins and Battese 141A 2,052.60 McClellands

T. J. O'Donoghue v. Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners of Australia

141A 2,822.60 W. G. McNally

Cox v. Robertson and Ors 141A 3,705.65 Turner, Freeman

K. Stephenson and J. Masterton v. R. Squires and Ors

141A 3,424.00 Turner, Freeman

H. W. Wilson v. J. P. Devereux and Ors 141B 6,469.43 Geoffrey Edwards & Co.

Kelly v. Devereux and Ors 141B 5,825.54 Gill, Kane & Co.

Donna Marie Valentine v. G. Butcher and Ors 141A 5,108.65 Holding, Redlich & Co.

Ruth M. Geneff v. P. Wathiros and Ors 141A 1,722.00 Cummins & Co.

Cook and Ors v. Crawford and Ors 141A 39,600.28 White, Barnes & McGuire

Squires, McDowell and Monckton v. L. Pike and Ors 141A 4,212.39 A. J. Macken

M. A. Hawkins v. F. K. Willis and Ors 141A 5,758.50 Steve Masselos & Co.

Frank Troja v. MacDonald and Ors 141A 2,456.65 Oakley, Thompson & Co.

Allen v. Townsend 141B 625.00 John B. O'Kane

Squires v. Stephenson 141A 18,955.43 A J. Macken

R. J. Hore v. Food Preservers Union 141A 3,557.33 Mitchell McKenzie & Co.

R. Lawrence v. AWU 141A 2,396.70 Patrick J. Gethin

F. Kerr and E. C. Tucker v. A. R. Rowell & Ors 141A 2,100.60 Maurice Blackburn & Co.

E. C. Tucker v. A. R. Rowell and Ors 141A 2,225.40 Maurice Blackburn & Co.

P. H. F. Kyng v. Cushion 141A 1,673.50 Walker, Gibbs & Donald

J. S. King v. E. Voccaro and A. Pevie 141A 2,910.20 Mahoney & Partners

R. Edwards and Ors v. Gietzelt and Ors 141B 6,357.96 Joseph Lynch & Window

R. J. Campbell v. J. Gorman and Ors 141A 4,486.43 D. J. Fischer & Assoc.

M. P. Jess v. R. J. Scott and Ors 141A 34,304.75 T. V. Martin & Co.

Grimshaw v. Petrie and Ors 141A 3,602.79 Gill, Kane & Co.

J. R. Cleworth v. D. Barrow and Ors 141A 8,188.77 W. G. McNally & Co.

L. F. Howard v. Slaters, Tilers and Roofing Industry Union

141A 1,435.70 J. N. Zigouras & Co.

M. Bourke v. Mapstone and Ors 141A 26,532.38 A. J. Macken

T. Molomby v. Gills and Ors 141A 1,864.20 Turner, Freeman

Applications not yet finalised

P. J. Mahony v. Petie and Australian Bank Employees Union

141A Patrick Grimes & Co.

M. A. Prichard v. Federated Clerks' Union (No. 4 of 1981)

141A Mahony & Partners

M. A. Prichard v. Federated Clerks' Union (Nos 1, 3 and 15 of 1981)

141A Mahony & Partners

F. Caputo v. J. van Doldren and Ors 141A J. N. Ziqouras & Co.

R. H. V. Pearson v. Milligan and Ors 141A Dale and Fallen

J. Dugmore v. Porter and Ors 141A Walker Gibbs and Donald

N. T. Hanscombe v. Gietzelt and Ors 141A T. D. Kelly & Co.

M. A. Prichard v. Federated Clerks' Union (Nos 17 of 1981 and 9 of 1982)

141A Mahony & Partners

M. A. Prichard and J. L. Bailey v. Kranz and Ors 141A Lindsay, Morrisey & Co.

F. Allen and L. Park v. BWIU of Australia 141A Patrick J. Gethin

J. P. Roughan v. Aust. Meat Industry Employees' Union and Ors

141A Maurice May & Co.

Longworth and Holland v. Geneff and Ors 141A Dwyer, Durack & Dunphy

D. Young v. Aust. Workers' Union 141A Turner Freeman

S. Wright and J. Walker v. Aspinall and Ors 141A Turner Freeman

J. P. Roughan v. Aust. Meat Industry Employees' Union and Ors

141A Maurice May & Co.

Imlach and Walker v. Daley and Ors 141A A. J. Macken

M. A. Prichard v. Krantz and Ors (No. 6 of 1983 141A (Self-represented)

G. D. Adams v. Hill and Ors 141A T. V. Martin & Co.

M. R. O'Grady v. Federated Storemen and Packers Union

141A Maurice May & Co.

P. J. Hennessey and R. E. Scott v. Amalgamated Metals Foundry and Shipwrights' Union

141A Branicki Milder & Co.

J. Walker v. McLeod and Ors 141A Turner Freeman

D. Paterson v. Beaumont and O'Brien 141A Mahony & Partners

R. M. Geneff v. Peterson 141A Patrick J. Gethin

Mapstone v. Bourke 141B Chris Callaghans & Co.

Beaumont and O'Brien v. Paterson 141B Johnson Withers & McCusker

Border and Ors v. Coal Indust. Union 141A W. A. Baxter & Co.

James Doyle v. Australian Workers Union 141A Palios, Meegan & Co.

R. M. Geneff and Ors v. Longworth and Holland 141B Patrick J. Gethin

D. Allshorn v. Theatrical and Amusement Employees Union

141A Gill, Kane & Co.

McHugh v. Apap and Ors 141A Harrison & Partners

Slater v. Hawker 141B Maurice May & Co.

P. J. Hennessey v. Amal. Metal Foundry and Shipwrights' Union

141A T. V. Martin & Co.

Applications Rejected

R. J. Squires v. Flight Stewards' Association of Aust. and Ors

141A Turner, Freeman