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Wednesday, 24 October 1984
Page: 2397

Senator BUTTON (Leader of the Government in the Senate)(11.47) —Senator Chaney and others mentioned Anthea Tinney in an in globo context. I had intended to give her special treatment, if I might call it that, and say something particular about her. As Parliamentary Liaison Officer, all senators will agree she has been most helpful, fair and competent in everything she has done. Not only has she been helpful, fair and competent, she has been cool in an environment that is not always cool, and very firm with some senators, including me, from time to time when things had to be done which one might not have wanted to do. I thank her very much for her period of service to the Senate. She is going back to the maw of the Department. If I have been preoccupied in the last week or so, it is because I have been trying to persuade the Department that she should be placed in the First Division and remain in her present duties. The Public Service is totally unimaginative in these matters and I could have no influence at all, as one does not have influence on many matters of that kind. We will all miss her, and once again I thank her for her services. I hope she will call in and see us from time to time, if she can bear that.