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Wednesday, 12 September 1984
Page: 868

Senator PETER RAE(11.12) —The Council's decision to which the Minister has referred was one of those 'If rape be inevitable, why not relax and enjoy it ?' situations. There was not a vote as to whether the Council wished to have the matter repealed; rather it was a matter of getting an indication from the Government as to what the Government's intention was and what would be the university's reaction to that Government action. I would like to see the correspondence which preceded the letter which the Minister read. I think she would find, if she checked with other members of the Council, that there was never an indication that there was on option for the Council as to whether it preferred to have a continuation of the pre-existing situation. The situation was: Given that this Government's policy is to do X, what will be the results of X being implemented. That letter says what the results were. To describe that as a request of the governing body is a complete misstatement of what in fact happened. It was very different from any request. To the best of my knowledge, at no time was the university given an option by either government as to what it wanted. It may be that both were as bad as each other in relation to this, but at no time do I recall the university being given an option. Rather it was told what the Government's intentions were and then reactions were sought.