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Wednesday, 12 September 1984
Page: 868

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education and Youth Affairs)(11.10) —To assist Senator Peter Rae I will read the letter which was addressed to Dr Peter Wilenski, who was then the Secretary of my Department. It states:

Further to my letter of 6 April 1983--

I do not know whether we have that letter on file-

I write to tell you that the Council of the University at its meeting on Friday 13 May 1983 welcomed the initiative of the Government and resolved:

(i) that the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs be informed that the Council of the University concurs in the Minister's proposal that the ANU Act 1946 should be amended to remove the restrictions introduced by the insertion in the Act of sections 29A, 32A and the amendment to section 27 (1) (o) on the use by student organisations of General Service Fee funds.

(ii) to inform the Minister that, in the opinion of the Council the return to the situation that existed before 1979 would necessitate the Government to amend the ANU Act by removing both section 29A and section 32A. It would also be necessary for Section 27 (1) (o) to be restored to its wording prior to the 1979 amendment (ANU Amendment Act . . .) to read:

Then it goes on to set out the necessary amendments. That is very clearly the view of the Council of the ANU and it is very clearly in accord with the view of the Government. I acknowledge that Senator Rae is now going to make a verbal play on the word 'request', which does not appear in this letter. But I can assure him that in my informal discussions with Council members I was frequently asked when we were going to take these steps.