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Friday, 24 August 1984
Page: 367

Senator JONES —The Minister representing the Minister for Aviation will be aware of my frequent representations seeking an upgrading of facilities at Queensland airports, in particular Brisbane and Townsville. I ask the Minister what measure the Government is considering taking to improve the standards of facilities at these two airports following the allocation of funds by the Treasurer in the recent Budget.

Senator GIETZELT —In the last Budget and the Budget for 1983-84 the Government provided for an extensive public works program because it believed that the construction side of our economy needed some encouragement. Therefore, impetus was given by providing additional funds to reach that objective. In the current Budget, the Government has approved the development of a domestic terminal complex as a major component of the upgrading of facilities at Townsville Airport. This will include works associated with the terminal, extensions to the aircraft parking aprons, widening of the taxiways, road works and additional car parks. The cost of those works is estimated to be approximately $15.3m. It is hoped that the Joint Committee on Public Works will consider that expenditure before the end of the calendar year, so that the construction work in Townsville can commence at the end of the financial year.

Many of the existing terminals in Queensland are of World War II vintage and are inadequate for the present level of domestic traffic. The Government has allocated $61m for further improvement works at Brisbane Airport so that it has the sort of standards that exist in the other major States of the Commonwealth. The Government intends that that terminal will be operational by 1988 so that it fulfils its obligations with respect to Expo, which is an important event in Queensland's economic and social activities. A great amount of money is available to Queensland. I am sure that the airports in both the north and south of Queensland will benefit greatly from the Government's decisions.