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Thursday, 23 August 1984
Page: 322

Senator MACKLIN(10.29) —The point raised by Senator Harradine would not be met one way or the other. Quite frankly, the problem he raised probably has all the hallmarks of a legal battle to be held at some later stage because this clause states only that legisation will determine the order of seniority of senators. If one removes it the situation will not be affected one way or the other. What I was attempting to do with my amendment was to restore the status quo and simply say that the matter would be determined by the Senate and not by legislation which means by the House of Representatives and the Senate. I was seeking to leave the status quo because I did not think it was appropriate to have it is this Bill. It seems to be a matter for another time and another place , rather than in here.

Consideration interrupted.

The CHAIRMAN —Order! It being 10.30 p.m., under sessional order I put the question:

That the Chairman do now leave the chair and report to the Senate.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

The Chairman having reported accordingly-