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Thursday, 23 August 1984
Page: 291

Senator PETER RAE(6.13) —I would like to comment on some of the matters which have been raised by Senator Sir John Carrick. I support what he had to say about the people who are formally associated with the Australian Maritime College and its Council, particularly the important role that Mr Swanson played in the establishment of the college. In these early years some difficulties had to be overcome in getting the college under way. Whilst Senator Sir John Carrick somewhat modestly said that the college will achieve international status, let me say that it has achieved international status. The seminar held last year titled 'Sea Survival 83' was attended by people around the world and was a major international event. I think it is very much to the credit of Captain Waters and others that it has been able to achieve such eminence and status so quickly. It is a high standard college. It is not intended to be a low-grade establishment in any way whatsoever. It does teach all sorts of courses.

Senator Boswell apparently did not understand that whilst it has some very sophisticated courses on the fishing industry, it also has some very unsophisticated courses. It is important to look at the very wide variety of courses which are offered which include everything from very short courses to seminars. Short courses are conducted in South Australia and Victoria, in conjunction with training voyages of the Bluefin; at Beachport and Port Lincoln, in echo sounding and sonar; at Portland, in pelagic trawling; at Brisbane, Bundaberg, Townsville and Cairns, in echo sounding and trawl gear. These are all short courses conducted by the Australian Maritime College during the last year. In June and July a two-week voyage was undertaken to Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island and Portland and year one certificate students participated in the voyage and carried out fishing exercises in South Australian waters. In late August Bluefin returned to Portland with year three certificate students. The report also refers to further visits to other waters. Senator Boswell made the point that the Bluefin needs to be located where there is warmer water. The fact is that it is located in the most central position in Australia. It is capable of travelling to the various types of water, from the more temperate zone to the more tropical zone, to give experience of those different types of water.

The next point I make is that we would have had a further development of the fishing course of the type that Senator Boswell appears to be referring to had it not been for the fact that this Government chose to reject the proposal which was put forward by the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission. This would have involved the expenditure of $500,000, if my memory serves me correctly, in the first year, that is, the current year, and a further $500,000 and $1 million in the other years of the triennium. It was extremely unfortunate that that was one of the things that did not take place. Unfortunately, it was one of the cuts that were made from the recommendations of the Tertiary Education Commission. I hope that that matter can still go forward and be reconsidered. It is an extremely important part of the development of Australian fisheries that better training is available for those involved in the fishing industry. I completely agree with Senator Boswell on that matter. The fisheries need to be developed in various ways. There are a whole lot of sides to the industry, from the food science side, the highly technical side of the skills associated with the higher levels of fishing, particularly long off-shore fishing and even perhaps developing to krill fisheries and that type of thing, to the smaller individual fisherman who perhaps requires different types of courses. I simply refer Senator Boswell and any other honourable senators who are interested to Appendix 3, volume one of the report which sets out at pages 37 and 38 all the courses which are available.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —Order! The honourable senator's time has expired.