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Thursday, 23 August 1984
Page: 282

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Social Security)(5.26) —I have been asked a question by Senator Walters. I have not seen the legislation to be put forward by Senator Harradine. I heard his notice of motion today.

Senator Harradine —I have sent it to your Leader.

Senator GRIMES —I dare say that I shall look at the matter and shall take part in any decision on it. Until the Government has seen the legislation, I suggest it is not up to me, in response to a question by Senator Walters, to give an assurance about a Bill I have not seen.

Senator Walters —I am not asking the Minister necessarily to agree with the Bill , but am suggesting that he should not bury it. In other words, will he allow it to come up?

Senator Harradine —The proposal was put to you yesterday.

Senator GRIMES —The proposal has not been put to me.

Senator Harradine —No, it was put to your Leader.

Senator GRIMES —I am sorry that my Leader does not rush into the chamber every time Senator Harradine speaks. If Senator Harradine had given my Leader warning that he intended to do what he did this afternoon, or if Senator Walters had given warning she intended to ask such a question, I am sure that he would have been here to answer. Obviously he thought that this afternoon the Senate would be debating papers, as is the practice. I assure honourable senators that we shall look at the legislation and at the legislative program and, of course, we shall consider bringing this matter on.

Debate (on motion by Senator Reid) adjourned.