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Thursday, 23 August 1984
Page: 282

Senator WALTERS(5.24) —Senator Harradine has already made a request of the Government. I was wondering whether there could be any indication whether the Government will allow the piece of legislation mentioned by Senator Harradine to come up. If not, the alternative recourse would be to move for disallowance. Even though we are not now in Question Time, I hope that the Minister for Social Security (Senator Grimes), who is now present in the chamber , will be able to answer that question. The Minister is well aware of the concerns in the community about the decision made by the Remuneration Tribunal. I am sure the Minister has been approached about that concern in his position as a Tasmanian senator. I know that many other senators have been approached on the matter and that it is not only people who support the Liberal Party who are showing concern in this area. People who are concerned about the family and what is happening to the family are showing great concern on this topic. One could use the words of the Special Minister of State (Mr Young) who said that the standards set by politicans should be high. There is no reason for politicians' standards not to be as high as the community expects of us. Therefore, I ask the Minister to respond to Senator Harradine's question. I am also vitally interested in this matter, as are other members of the Opposition and the Democrats, and I know that we would all be interested in the Minister's comments on this matter.