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Wednesday, 22 August 1984
Page: 176

(Question No. 720)

Senator MacGibbon asked the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, upon notice, on 8 March 1984:

(1) What is the total number of overseas students currently being educated in secondary schools and in the tertiary sector.

(2) How many of that total number are in the tertiary sector.

(3) What is the total, state by state, of overseas students, and how many tertiary students from overseas are currently studying in each state.

(4) What tertiary institutions throughout Australia currently have overseas students enrolled, and how many students are at each institution.

(5) What are the five main areas of study in which overseas tertiary students are engaged while in Australia.

(6) What is the average length of stay for overseas students studying in Australia.

(7) How many of those students are considered to come from families, who in their home country are considered to be below the poverty line.

(8) How many overseas students who gained their qualifications in Australia actually applied to remain in Australia once their studies were completed in the years 1972-82.

(9) How many of those who applied were successful in their attempts to remain in Australia.

(10) What institutions in Australia in the tertiary sector:

(a) have a quota on the total number of overseas students accepted by them, and what are those quotas; and

(b) have a quota on the number of overseas students accepted into each individual faculty, and what are those quotas.

Senator Ryan —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

Statistical information about overseas students in Australia is collected by various agencies, each with a different interest and a different definition. The Goldring Committee of Review of Private Overseas Student Policy noted in its report the difficulty it had in obtaining reliable and/or compatible statistical information.

On the basis of the available statistics, the answer to the honourable senator' s question is as follows:

1. 17,164

2. 11,767

3. State-


and Post-

Secondary Total

Overseas Overseas

Students Students

New South Wales 4,319 6,058 Victoria 4,172 5,923 Queensland 795 1,497 South Australia 707 1,051 Western Australia 962 1,445 Tasmania 267 489 Northern Territory 1 5 Australian Capital Territory 544 696

Total 11,767 17,164


(i) the information provided in answer to questions 1, 2 and 3 is obtained from statistics collected separately in the administration of the private and sponsored overseas student programs. It includes all students admitted under either of those programs to formal study in secondary schools, TAFE colleges, CAEs and universities.

(ii) data about private overseas students (16,053 of the 17,164 total) is not collected by institution. The answer to the following question (question 4) is therefore obtained from returns to the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission by individual universities and CAEs as part of its general statistical collection. Definitions of ''overseas student'' used by universities and CAEs include students who are outside either the sponsored or the private overseas student program (for example, New Zealanders). This accounts for the additional 3,907 students identified in the following table.


(a) Overseas Students in Australian Universities

Adelaide 525 Australian National University 597 Deakin 281 Flinders 134 Griffith 65 James Cook 92 La Trobe 543 Macquarie 459 Melbourne 913 Monash 1,739 Murdoch 32 Newcastle 368 New England 329 New South Wales 2, 483 Queensland 630 Sydney 633 Tasmania 283 Western Australia 557 Wollongong 134

Total 10,797

(b) Overseas students in Australian colleges of advanced education

Cumberland 16 Hawkesbury Ag College 14 Kuringai 16 Mitchell 36 Nepean 12 NSWIT 106 Riverina 59 Sydney CAE 12 Sydney College of Arts 11 Avondale 47 Moore Theological 12 Ballarat 42 Bendigo 84 Chisholm 123 Footscray 127 Lincoln 22 Phillip 61 RMIT 654 Melbourne CAE 17 Swinburne 96 Victoria College 39 Victoria College of Pharmacy 59 Victoria College of Arts 28 Warnambool 168 Brisbane 14 Capricornia 19 Darling Downs 30 Qld Ag College 18 QIT 48 Roseworthy Ag College 16 SA CAE 166 SAIT 49 WA CAE 76 WAIT 386 Canberra CAE 113 Other* 81

Total 2,877

* Institutions with less than 10 overseas students


(i) there were approximately 400 students in TAFE colleges-a breakup by individual institution is not available.

(ii) the answers to questions 1-4 are based on 1983 figures-the latest available.


(a) Economics/Commerce/Business

(b) Engineering/Technology

(c) Science

(d) Humanities/Liberal Studies

(e) Building/Architecture

(6) For overseas students sponsored by the Australian Government the average length of stay is 3.1 years. This information is not available for private overseas students.

(7) This information is not available.

(8) and (9) The Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs records show that applications to remain in Australia were received and approved or not approved as follows:



Lodged Approved(2)

1974-75 521 378 1975-76 1,107 625 1976-77 1,112 1,051 1977-78 1,370 (3)1,440 1978-79 643 (3)780 1979-80 876 808 1980-81 639 501 1981-82 484 (3)507 1982- 83 637 477

7,389 6,567 September quarter 1983 140 173 December quarter 1983 133 99

(1) Data for 1972-73 and 1973-74 not available.

(2) Number does not include 148 approved under the Regularisation of Status Program July 1980 to June 1982.

(3) The number approved in each of these three years was greater than the number lodged because of a carry over from the previous year.

10 (a) and (b)-

(i) All medical faculties have quotas or restrictions on overseas student entry .

(ii) The following universities have no formal quotas apart from medical faculties (where applicable).

Australian National University

Flinders University

James Cook University

La Trobe University

University of New England

University of New South Wales

University of Newcastle

Wollongong University

Macquarie University (except for the external law course).

(iii) The University of Adelaide has faculty quotas for overseas students which are determined late each year; in 1983 quotas ranged from 3 for dentistry to 20 for science.

(iv) Deakin University has quotas of 30 per cent for architecture and 10 per cent for commerce.

(v) Griffith University has a quota of 8 per cent of full-time enrolments.

(vi) The University of Melbourne states that overseas applicants admitted to any course should not normally exceed by more than 10 per cent the average percentage of such students admitted over the last 3 years. Quotas vary from approximately 40 for economics and engineering to 1 for veterinary science and agriculture.

(vii) Monash University has a quota of 80 for first year engineering. It has no other quotas on overseas students.

(viii) Murdoch University has a quota of 4 overseas students in veterinary science. Otherwise, no quotas.

(ix) The University of Queensland currently accepts 30 overseas students into undergraduate courses. From 1983, it will apply a quota of 10 per cent to overseas student enrolments in any course.

(x) The University of Sydney has an overseas student quota (90 places in 1984).

(xi) The University of Tasmania does not accept overseas students into medicine and has a quota for pharmacy; no other quotas apply.

(xii) The University of Western Australia has a quota of 125 overseas students which includes 40 for engineering, 30 for Commerce and 1 for architecture (No overseas students are accepted for medicine or dentistry).

(xiii) The South Australian Institute of Technology has a quota of 10 per cent on all courses.

(xiv) Newcastle College of Advanced Education, the Victorian College of Pharmacy and the Western Australian College of Advanced Education apply general quotas.

(xv) Warnambool Institute of Advanced Education has a quota on its Bachelor of Business course only.