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Wednesday, 13 June 1984
Page: 2945

Senator WALSH (Minister for Resources and Energy)(5.29) —I wish to mention briefly that the Senate may not be sitting in 12 months time. It may have risen for the winter recess by 13 June 1985. But, more importantly, the Government sees no valid reason to defer consideration of this Bill. Firstly, the reason given, that is, to give the Commissioner of Taxation and the courts time to test the full potential that some people believe the existing Income Tax Assessment Act has, is not valid because 12 months is not sufficient time for that full potential, whatever it may be or some people believe it may be, to be tested. Secondly-I am unsure of the precise legal ramifications of this-it is possible that the Government may choose to reintroduce a Bill identical to this Bill at some time during the Budget session. The existence on the Notice Paper of a deferred debate on the same Bill could be an impediment to that. As it is possible that the Government may want to introduce the same Bill during the Budget session, we would rather that this Bill be dealt with on the next day of sitting so that any possibility of there being an impediment to the introduction of an additional Bill would be removed.

Question put:

That the amendment (Senator Jack Evans's) be agreed to.