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Wednesday, 13 June 1984
Page: 2941

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education and Youth Affairs)(4.59) —I can only repeat that the body is not a representational body. The provision of places for directors-general of education is not that they have a representative role but because they are the people who will be implementing the curriculum changes in their systems, and they are there for that reason. We want to have a very close co-operation with the State governments and with the non-government Schools Authority. Having the four directors-general there means that the work of the Curriculum Development Council will be attuned to what State governments see as curriculum needs in their schools and what they are prepared to implement. There is no point in having the most wonderful curriculum materials in the world if State governments do not want to put them into their systems or if non-government school authorities do not want to use them.

I hope that I did not say that there will always be representatives from government and non-government schools appointed. What I said was that there would always be people drawn from both of those sectors, because if there were not, there could be resistance from either of those sectors to accepting the work of the Centre. Because we want it to succeed and because we understand that the materials have to be acceptable to both government and non-government sectors, I will always appoint-I believe that any Minister for Education will always do this-people who have the confidence of those sectors but who are not restricted and obliged to behave in a representative fashion in the work of the Council.

Question put:

That the amendments (Senator Peter Baume's) be agreed to.