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Tuesday, 12 June 1984
Page: 2876

Broadcasting and Television Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 104

Defence Act-Determinations 1984-

No. 20-Pay of Reserve Force Members

No. 21-Higher Duties Allowance and others

Postal Services Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 105

Public Service Act-

Determinations 1984-No. 10

Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 107

Seat of Government Act-Ordinances 1984-

No. 17-Classification of Publications (Amendment)

No. 18-Landlord and Tenant (Amendment)

Telecommunications Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 106

GOVERNOR-GENERAL'S MESSAGES-ASSENT TO LAWS: Messages from His Excellency the Governor-General were reported, informing the Senate that His Excellency had, in the name of Her Majesty, assented to the following laws:

8 June 1984-Messages-

No. 74-

Supply Act (No. 1) 1984-85

Supply Act (No. 2) 1984-85

Supply (Parliamentary Departments) Act 1984-85

Audit Amendment Act 1984

No. 75-

Australian Bicentennial Road Development Trust Fund Amendment Act 1984

Roads Grants Amendment Act 1984