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Tuesday, 12 June 1984
Page: 2874

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Social Security)(10.26) —The advisers here and I have some difficulty understanding how the provision whereby a person who worked for, say, seven years and was given 10 years credit on a superannuation scheme could be allowed in the legislation in calculations of superannuation payments without opening the way for considerable exploitation in that area. I do not know the exact circumstances of the sorts of situations that Senator Messner is talking about, but I will certainly raise the matter with the Treasurer (Mr Keating). Off the top of my head, and I am sure off the top of the advisers' heads, it is hard to see how the allowance of that sort of thing would not be open to considerable exploitation in the future, which is something we want to avoid. If Senator Messner will accept that, I will certainly refer the matter to the Treasurer to see whether he can give us some examples which would be of benefit.